5 Activities to Try in Ibiza

Ibiza has so much adventure to offer that it can seem disproportionate to its tiny island size. Nevertheless, this amazing island invites a world of adventure with its deep valleys, towering pine-covered hills and the crisp waters of the Mediterranean. This is definitely a treasure trove of adventure and activity to suit anyone considering Ibiza holidays. Below are five adventurous activities you must try when visiting Ibiza:

Try your hand at water sports

Sitting on the outskirts of Santa Eulalia is a place for a day full of action packed fun for the entire family at Cesars Watersports. The facilities are superb offering adventures in parasailing, snorkeling and perhaps a private cruise to a fancy island where the kids are fascinated with an amazing pirate story along the way.

Explore the countryside on horseback

Nothing compares to a day of horse-riding in the beautiful Ibiza hills, valleys and waters. The adventure can be combined with a picnic and a swim with the horses. Your enjoyable day with the horses will contribute to the welfare and upkeep of this lovely sanctuary for rescued horses.

Take a boat out for the afternoon

The beautiful Ibiza sunset is famous all over the world. Nearby is the Moto Nautica Boat Hire Company that lets you take your own boat out without a skipper. Heading out to explore the waters of Cala Salada and Cala Comte is beyond describing. Dive overboard for some snorkeling followed by a relaxing picnic under the canopy. If you hire a boat for late afternoon, Moto Nautica gives you the champagne and glasses so that you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset on its gentle waters.

Feel the speed on a Go-Kart track

Very popular in Ibiza is go-karting for the entire family. There are two main tracks, and both have go-karts for family members of all ages. The go-karts for adults are more powerful, and both locations serve food and drinks meaning you can go for the entire day.

Visit the Can Marca Caves

For a day full of adventure, head out to the Can Marca Caves. Tour guides explain how the caves were used by smugglers to hide their loot many years ago. There’s nice music and an amazing light show along the tour. The caves are open all year-long and offer a perfect day out with the family.

If you and the family enjoy plenty of adventure, you will find that and more in Ibiza. Make sure you check out some of the fun spots listed above for a great Ibiza holiday!

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