5 Beautiful Locations for Winter Break

Thinking of what to do during the winter break? Well, do not get stuck at home. Get a life and travel. The question however is where? To help you decide where to go for your winter break, keep on reading and learn more about the most famous destinations around the globe.


The warm and exotic weather of Jamaica can be enjoyed almost any time of the year. More than the weather, its beaches are perhaps the reason why it makes an excellent choice for winter breaks, in particular the wonderful Montego Bay. While it is famous for its sun, sea, and sand, there are also plenty of more immersive experiences that will give you a taste of Jamaican culture. Why not attend some of its most popular festivals, such as Negril Reggae Marathon, Jamaican Jazz & Blues Festival, Reggae Month and the Jamaica Fat Tire Festival? Of course do not forget to dance and party to the beat of popular reggae music while in Jamaica.


Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan vibe of a bustling city or the laidback charm of a serene beach, there is something for you to plan for your winter break in Thailand. The country’s capital, Bangkok, has gained reputation for its crazy nightlife and extravagant rooftop bars. It is also a popular destination for cheap shopping. If you want a more cultural experience, on the other hand, a visit to Chiang Mai will be worth your time. If you want to go swimming, head over to Phuket or Koh Samui. If you really want to experience Thailand in style, you can stay in a luxury villa.


Gifted with 7,107 islands, you will have endless reasons to visit the Philippines. Palawan, one of its most beautiful gems, has been ranked the Best Island in the World for two years in a row. If you want to party while enjoying a white-sand beach, Boracay is the perfect destination, which has also been repeatedly ranked as amongst the best beaches in the world. Cebu, meanwhile has world class diving destinations. Regardless of what you find interesting, Philippines has something to offer to make the most out of your winter break.

United Kingdom 

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, or collectively known as the United Kingdom, will also be an excellent choice for a winter break. Head over to London, which is perhaps its most touristy city. Get to see some of the most iconic landmarks and have a glimpse of the royal life. Do not also forget to have a visit to some of Britain’s most popular castles. Whether it is cultural activity or world-class shopping, top-notch dining experiences or unique adventures, United Kingdom has plenty of activities that you can enjoy. London can also be an expensive city, with a number of attractions charging for entry. You can save money and buy a London City Pass in advance of your travel and gain access to a number of attractions using the pass.


With affordable prices and one-of-a-kind yogic charm, India is also building a name as one of the most popular destinations for winter breaks. One of the most visited cities is Goa, which is known for its top caliber beaches, something that most people do not know they will be able to find in India. While it can be chaotic, Delhi, the country’s capital, also holds a lot of promise. Their exotic street foods are not to be missed. If you want to go skiing during your winter break, the gentle and gorgeous slopes of Auli will surely be worth seeing.

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