5 Packing Tips for a Motorcycle Trip

A motorcycle vacation is one of the best ways to enjoy time off, but it can be one of the most stressful trips to pack for. Space is limited, weather is a concern, and you’re constantly worried about the safety of your items. If you’re unsure of what to pack and how to get organized for your motorcycle trip, these tips will help get you started:

Consider Storage Space

Motorcycles aren’t equipped with as much storage space as a luxury SUV, and that’s the most important consideration. You have very little storage space, and you must measure the space you have to determine how much you can comfortably pack. While you can apply some of these travel packing tips, it’s also important that you measure your space, and find a bag that fits that space.

Forgo Traditional Luggage

Wet bags are the best option when it comes to packing for a motorcycle trip. The weather is a big concern for riders, because we all know, when it rains, it pours. You don’t want to end up with a bag of miserably wet clothing and personal effects, so packing in wet bags is the best way to eliminate that kind of stress. You can browse for motorcycle apparel here.

Pack Accessibly

Things you use every day or more frequently than others must be packed at the top of your luggage. Nothing slows you down or frustrates you more than searching your carefully packed luggage for items you need, only to realize they’re all the way at the bottom. Pack those items on the top so they’re easy to grab in a second.

Buy a Lock

You’ll never feel truly comfortable traveling on your bike if your belongings are up for grabs. Buy a luggage lock and/or a lock for the compartment on your bike. This keeps your belongings safe when you’re in a restaurant or not with your bike for any other reason. You can browse for most of the gear you’ll need on your motorcycle trip.

Pack a Tool Kit

Basic maintenance is often required on a bike trip, and forgoing the tool kit you typically keep with your bike to make room for other packed items is a terrible idea. If you must minimize what you pack, find something else to leave home. Your tool kit is the most important thing you’ll bring with you.

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