5 Ways to Make Friends as You Travel

For many frequent travelers, making new friends in foreign locales is an appealing idea. The people you meet on your travels can provide you with local tips, a fun night out, or even a long-distance bond that lasts a lifetime. But how do you go about meeting people? Here are five ways you can form friendships when you’re far from home.

Turn to social media

When you share your trips online through a travel blog or social media accounts, you will connect with people around the world. Visitors will want to meet up with you whenever you’re in their city.

Social Media apps
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Take tours.

Walking tours, coach tours, and any kind of purchased day trip will introduce you to other travelers from many different places. There’s no better way to bond quickly with each other than to explore a new city or landmark side by side.

Spend time in public.

Usually, the best places to meet people are places where you’re surrounded by them. Parks are great for striking up conversations or even sharing a picnic. Listen for familiar accents in town squares, fountains, and plazas.

Take a class

Whether it’s cooking, dancing, or local arts and crafts, taking a class while you’re traveling will connect you with other people. If you’re traveling alone, it also helps you get the most out of your trip.

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Embrace hostels.

Many people find hostels a little off-putting, but for the most part, they’re clean, safe, and fun environments. Even if you’re not staying at one, try frequenting their bars or lounge areas to meet other travelers.

The friends you meet on your travels can end up becoming the most important part of your journey. Be open to new experiences and smile at strangers, and you never know who will smile back.

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