Active in Arizona: Fun and Fitness From Golf to Baseball and Beyond

People flock to sunny destinations and Arizona is one place that definitely hosts plenty of sunshine. Even better, the southwestern conditions make it so you don’t have to worry about humidity. There is plenty to do outside whether you’re a golfer, runner, lover of baseball, etc.

Hike Havasu Canyon

Many know of the Grand Canyon but the Havasu Canyon, resting 3,000 feet below the rim of the former, is equally as grand. An eight-mile stretch affords the ability to hike, ride a horse, jog, or take a helicopter to the falls. Within the canyon, dirt trails lead to crystal blue swimming holes and waterfalls that are more than 200 feet high.

Bike Prescott

Sure, one can bike in any city or state, but Prescott, Arizona has made a name for itself within the mountain biking world. Over 250 miles of trails are within the town limits, ranging from beginner hills to incredibly intense paths. Bikers keep coming back to Prescott due to the variety of trails; whether you’re in the mood for a smooth downhill, cross-country, or technical hill type of trail, it’s in Prescott. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been biking for years, you’ll appreciate what Prescott has to offer.

Jeeping Sedona

Every off roader has heard about Sedona. However, you don’t need a Jeep Wrangler to tackle the terrain. If you’re looking for something a bit more leisurely, you can book a home on wheels with these Arizona RV rentals and watch the landscapes go by.

Aside from the magnificent and other-worldly views that Sedona has to offer, the land is filled with obvious and ‘hidden’ off-road trails that satisfy adventurers with the most selective of appetites. See incomparable views of the red rocks as it’s approaching nightfall, and inquire about remote desert views and the ruins of ancient natives.

Ballooning Sonoran Desert

There is plenty to do on land in Arizona, but in Sonoran, you can take to the sky, which grants one an incredible view of the immediate and surrounding areas. Hop in a hot air balloon and take a tour lasting several hours that affords the opportunity to see sky views of Phoenix and Tucson as well as some of the land’s wild animals (coyotes, javelinas, and pronghorns).

Watching Baseball at Camelback Ranch

Since Arizona’s temperature is fantastic all year, many major league baseball teams, including the Dodgers, undergo spring training in the state. Camelback Ranch is the place you can watch the Los Angeles baseball team in preliminary action. Get your hands on LA Dodgers tickets and see your favorite players take the field before the start of official league play.

Skydiving Tucson

While your head’s in the clouds, direct focus to areas just outside of Tucson that attract hardcore and beginner skydivers. Arizona’s clear skies make it that much more exhilarating to jump out of a plane and freefall thousands of feet until you pull the chute. Don’t worry about experience; beginners jump tandem with trained professionals who make you feel safe but won’t take away from the personal experience of floating through the sky like a bird.

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  1. Great photo! Arizona has always attracted me. Not just the beauty but the ways there are to get outdoors. Spectacular destination!

  2. Thanks so much for the tips! I would like to visit Arizona next year. Your post makes me want to visit it sooner! 🙂

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