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As I’m just two months away from completing my teaching contract in South Korea, I’ve been sitting down lately and pondering about my future travel plans.  Although I’m always keen on visiting countries and destinations I’ve never set foot on, I’m just as anxious to revisit some of my favourite far off corners of the world.  No country comes to mind more than China. When I was visiting for one month during spring of 2011, I felt I just barely scratched the surface of possibilities.  One thing that sticks out from my holidays to China were the warm and radiant smiles.   The following is a series of smiles from China which hopefully will be growing rapidly in my vaults in near future.

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This is one of my favourite photos from my time in China. The sheer expression of joy and exuberance on these two Chinese ladies faces is captured in moment in time with this image. Dali was one of my favourite destinations for random exploring in all of China. I can remember spending hours just getting lost in the maze like grids of alleyways and streets.

Today's smiling faces travel photo is of a Chinese performer during a Communist rally with a big authentic grin - Guilin, China.

One thing I love about travel in general are the opportunities that randomly present themselves to you. I was wandering around Guilin one afternoon when I noticed a crowd gathering around a stage nearby the main town centre. Of course, I had to check it out. I witnessed a Chinese Communist performance featuring impressive theatrics, dancing, singing and costumes. This Chinese lady was beaming quite the grin.

https://smilingfacestravelphotos.com/travel-photos/man-cooking-dumplings-shanghai-china-travel-photo : Today's smiling faces travel photo is of a Chinese man making dumpling soup in Shanghai, China. A friendly face with a big grin and service.
I wasn’t sure what I was gong to think of Shanghai before I arrived.  I’ve sometimes felt an alienating experience in some of the larger cities I’ve visited in Asia; however, Shanghai proved to be a welcome surprise.  During my Shanghai holidays I found the locals to be friendly and engaging – none more than this young Chinese man who served me delicious dumplings for breakfast every morning I was staying at my hostel.  I’ll never forget his warmth and hospitality.

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  1. says: Jennifer

    Nice photos you’ve captured there! I went to China 5 years ago and I didn’t really enjoy my time there, however I am still intrigued to go back and explore the countryside further and see how its changed.

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