Magical Morocco: 5 Places to Visit

Drawn with the perfect touch of rugged mountainous ranges, golden deserts and painted with a vibe of the ancient Arabian culture, Morocco is a country full of enchanting experiences. Long beaches with white shores, snowy peaks of Atlas Mountain, lush oases, fortified fishing ports and charming Islamic architectures, all blend in to create a Magical experience. The country speaks of glorious time of Africa. Here are 5 best places to visit in Morocco:

Marrakech Medina Even if you have not read the enchanting stories of the Arabian nights, the chances are you will fall in love with this place. Marrakech Medina is a bustling square that is filled with vibrant colors and noise almost all the time. During the day, this area is filled with snake charmers; people carrying monkeys and some common market stalls. All these things create the atmosphere of a lively bazaar. But as the night approaches, the square becomes filled with magicians, storytellers and wears a more enchanted ambiance. A day in this square will offer you a fantastic adventure, as you will amaze at every element of the magical environment.

Ouarzazate Throughout the history, there have been plenty of Hollywood films and TV series that are set on desert locations. Many famous movies have used the brilliant architecture and scenery of Ouarzazate. Since the 60s, Ouarzazate was the center of many Hollywood films and popular filming location. Famous movies like Kingdom of Heaven, Sahara, Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra and even the wildly popular TV series Game of thrones have used the sets of Ouarzazate.  If you book with a Morocco tours specialist you will be able to ensure a trip to Ouarzazate is definitely on your list. It is truly a world within world and a very popular place to visit in Morocco.

Hassan II Mosque Hassan II Mosque, located in Casablanca, is a very intricate piece of architecture and a symbolic edifice of Morocco. It is the 7th largest mosque in the world and the largest in Morocco. The minaret of this mosque is the world’s tallest, standing at 210 meters height. The level of detail that exists in every centimeter of this grand structure is absolutely astounding. More than 10,000 artisans worked in unison to create this fabulous mosque. Amazingly curved marble pieces, zellige tiles and mosaics create a truly wondrous sight.

Fez  If you wanted to get lost inside an Arabian town, then the old city of Fez cannot be overlooked for your holiday in Morocco. Containing an area of 2.4 square miles, it is a very spectacular old city of the Arabian Muslim world. The greatest attraction here is the famous behemoth medina that is complex maze of alleys and roads. The city is considered the world’s largest car free urban area and is a nice place to get lost. And there will always be some delightful locals to show you the way.

Merzouga It’s a fact that only the bravest dare to conquer deserts. Merzouga is a fascinating village and serves as the perfect gateway to start your desert exploration. The monumental Sahara desert of golden sands as far as eye can travel with no slightest sign of plants or any lives creates some truly remarkable sights especially during the dusk. From Merzouga, you can easily arrange your tour with the help of many reliable tour guides.

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  1. Would love to go back to Marrakech, went back in 1995. Though it was a great experience we got constantly harassed, hope things are better these days.

  2. Wow..amazing photos you share with us..thanks a lot..i love that day i will go there.

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