No Layover: Tips for Taking a Long Flight Without a Short Temper

What’s worse than a layover? Not being able to get off the plane. When boredom sets in, you think you’re going to go crazy. Here’s how to keep your mind active when all you can do is sit there and wait.

Charge All The Things

Before you get on the flight, make sure that all your electronic devices are charged. This means having your cellphone, tablets, and anything else that relies on batteries fully charged. You should also bring extra batteries and an external charging device so that you can charge “on-the-go” just in case something drains faster than you expect.

Keep everything organized with a portable carrying case.

Pack A Pillow

There are lots of different kinds of pillows on the market and many are made for airlines. But, maybe all you need is a pillow from home. Try out a few commercial offerings, and if nothing strikes your fancy, bring one from home that’s comfortable and familiar.

If you do buy a pillow or use your credit card to accumulate more frequent flyer miles with the purchase. Bonus.

Either way, a pillow will help you sleep better. And, that can be a Godsend on a plane.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Sometimes, it’s hot. Sometimes, it’s chilly. Be prepared for all weather possibilities. And, be prepared for a hot or cold cabin on the airplane. Sometimes, the air is really circulating, and you need something to keep you warm. So, dressing in layers can be super-helpful.

Make sure you can easily peel them off, if necessary, however. You don’t want to be stuck wearing a winter coat on a plane if it heats up. And, you might be traveling from one temperature extreme to another. You won’t want to be boarding when it’s 30 degrees and exiting the plane with a winter jacket when it’s 80 degrees out at your destination.

Usually, you can check the weather of your destination and plan accordingly, though, so this shouldn’t be too big of a deal. On the plane, something as simple as a button-down sweater or something you can easily remove, should be sufficient. Also, when in doubt, wear jeans.

Get Some Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping on a plane, you might want to bring sleeping pills. However, a small dose of melatonin might suffice. Be aware that if you do this, you may be way too groggy if there’s an emergency. Most people don’t think of it, but it’s something to be aware of.

Bring An Eye Mask

If you’re going to sleep, bring an eye mask. It will help you create the perfect environment for napping. You can usually pick them up for under $10 online.

Wear Sound-Cancelling Headphones

If you travel a lot, invest in noise-cancelling headphones, like the ones Bose makes, or something of equal quality. You won’t be bothered by other people, and you can get some shut-eye if needed. Again, in an emergency situation, you may not be able to hear what’s going on immediately. So, it’s a disadvantage there. But, really, emergencies are not the norm. So, don’t plan your life around them.

Anti Bacterial Wipes Are A Must

You don’t really think that the plane gets wiped down after every flight, do you? We all know that planes harbor germs, and sometimes, really nasty ones. So, to minimize your risk of getting someone else’s germs, wipe down your seatbelt, seat back tray, and the armrests. Pretty much every surface you touch should be wiped down.

Bring Something To Play With

Keep boredom at bay with a game of some kind. If you own a portable game console, these tend to work really well on planes since, while electronics, you can shut off any wireless radio so that you can play on the plane. Aside from that, you could use your phone as long as the games are already downloaded onto your device.

Bring your Kindle or Nook, or some other reading device so you can read. Most flights aren’t longer than a few hours. So, you should be fine reading on a plane. It’s doubtful you could get through an entire book unless you hold the world’s record for speed reading.

Bring Snacks

Yes, most airlines offer complimentary food, but honestly this food is usually insubstantial. On a long flight, you probably want some snacks and something to drink. You can buy these in the terminal after you’ve gone through the security checkpoints. Most people don’t think to bring food on the plane, but almost every airline allows it.

It’s not always practical to do so, of course. But, if you can get something to go, then you don’t have to suffer with the airline’s snacks.

Elizabeth Steele is an air stewardess who has seen the world due to her job. She enjoys writing about flying and travel in general for travel and other relevant websites during her spare time.

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