Sharing my Smiling Faces Travel Photos with Postcards

Postcards and Posters to share my Travel Photos

A smiling faces from Luang Prabang, Laos

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about the origins of this site.  If a series of unfortunate events hadn’t landed me back on my parents couch for several months, I would likely never have created this site.  Moreover, had I not been inspired to improve my travel photography several years ago, I wouldn’t have built up a collection of over one thousand smiling faces that I plan on sharing over the next several years.  One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how I can share my travel photos in a way that’s beyond just online sources.  I’ve always been fascinated by poster sized photography and custom style postcards. I’ve been pondering was in which I can sharing my Smiling Faces images with friends, family and fans who would like to have something tangible they can hold in their hands or hang on their walls.  The following two ideas have come to mind lately:

A Korean lady smiling while on the subway


I don’t know a single person I’ve ever met who doesn’t feel thrilled upon receiving a postcard.  There is just something magical about receiving a small piece of cardboard paper from a half way around the world.   It feels so personal and intimate, the fact someone would take the time to select and write a personalized photo and message from a far off corner. Even receiving funny ecards feels great.” I’ve been thinking lately of creating my own cheap postcards to send to others.  I would love to create customized Smiling Faces postcards that I could produce at low cost to send to out around the holiday season.  I can’t think of a better way to share my travels with others.


My Mother has been hanging my photos on her wall ever since I started travelling nearly seven years ago.  I’ve helped make my parents home have a much more International feeling with snaps from all over the world; however, I’ve yet to display a massive sized customized poster anywhere in their house.  That’s something I plan on doing early next year when I go home for the holidays.

These are two methods I plan on sharing my travel photos.  What methods do you use and is there anything I’ve left out that I should consider?

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  1. says: Anita Mac

    Love the postcard idea – but I also love the old fashioned card…photo on the front and more space to write with a blank card! Always useful and so nice to receive!

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