The Sights and Sounds of a Safari in Botswana

Whether you have been on safari before or are new to the adventure, Botswana will not disappoint you, offering a spectacular spectrum of experiences that will surely put a smile on your face.

Safari elephants crossing a river Image by luxstorm from Pixabay
Safari elephants crossing a river Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

I’ll admit I have experienced a safari before, several years ago, but this time we were travelling in style and luxury. This was to be the ultimate safari experience!

Nothing truly prepares you for the sights and sounds that fill your senses. The colours of the lush green Okavango Delta, the vivid blue skies occasionally scattered with fresh white clouds, the call of a myriad exotic birds as you watch the sunset burnish the sky in startling hues only to be replaced by velvety darkness and a scattering of diamond stars.

The Okavango is carefully managed with almost its entirety shared into vast yet individual concessions. Each is private and the facilities vary enormously so you are guaranteed to find a concession that fulfils your dreams.

Our wonderful lodge definitely exceeded our dreams. Privacy and comfort that would not be amiss in a top rated hotel and yet all the intimacy of true safari. Imagine being able to wake in the morning and as the warming dawn breeze brings the scent of fresh finest coffee being discreetly prepared, the sight of impala grazing greets you whilst monkeys come down to drink from the pools on the vibrant floodplain.

Our days were spent in a variety of pursuits. Of course the thrill of safari is to see the big five, but it’s not just bouncing about in a jeep. A hot air balloon ride is a marvellous way to spot animals. The views are spectacular and there is a certain pleasure sipping chilled champagne in your own private balloon watching the drama of a chase unfold beneath you.

On the days we felt less inclined to take to the jeeps and search for lions and the like we had the opportunity to go horseback riding with our guides. Our safety was always paramount and the horses were ever alert to the dangers, making us feel as if we were part of the rich landscape also, not just spectators.

Of course sometimes it’s nice to just be the spectator and what better way than to relax in a private hot tub, overlooking the delta as buffalo meander past, or as a curious elephant decides to look in on you on your private veranda.

To call the accommodation “tents” is somewhat of an understatement. Four poster beds with mosquito nets and crisp white linens, wooden boardwalks lead you from your private accommodation through a leafy scenic route to the elegant bar and dining areas. The meals were delicious, fine dining freshly prepared daily, the drinks perfectly chilled and the fire pit blazed into the nights as we listened to the Delta come to life again with the call of nocturnal creatures.

Our superb guides and wonderful staff at the lodge made it their goal to ensure we had the experience of a lifetime. They certainly succeeded!  We were grinning from ear to ear.

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