The Best Things To Do In The Canadian Rockies

Mountains are the best places to reconnect back with the inner self. Grand, serene and majestically beautiful, these mountains are grandeur in itself. The Canadian Rockies are home to many mountain tops and are as breathtaking and as astounding as you might imagine. It is a place one should look up to visit and be in an awe of a location so grand.

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A must do in every list. The Banff gondola gives you enthralling beauty of all six mountains from the top. The place is one for all. It has its own historic charms and delicate detailing. Starting from the Banff national park to healing facilities, this place has so many things to explore. Here you can try the Banff canoe club and visit the cosmic ray station in Sulphur Mountain. Along with that you can also check out the Banff hot springs at the top from where you can see the majestic scenery.


Cave tours in Canadian Rockies are an interesting thing to do. It is amazing to look at these places of nature and wonder at its beauty and history. The Banff offers such cave visits. You can also try Canmore cave tour. The three hour trail is a wild adventure and if you haven’t done one then it is a must try for a new and exhilarating experience.


If you are into exploring the wildlife and the nature. You can get a tour of such parks and places. Jasper city wildlife and Banff offers great vistas to explore the natural beauty. You can take out a trail by road from Alberta’s famous Columbia Ice fields Parkway. It offers you the chance to see the wildlife, the beautiful snow led streams and the gigantic mountains.

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The Canadian Rockies offer a great opportunity to raft in the tandems of the mountains passing by. In Banff you can try rafting in Kananaskis River. There are various other places you can try river rafting. Athabasca River Canyon Run is another good choice, which you can find in Jasper national park. Rafting offers you and your family to look at the pristine gift of nature alongside the stretch of an enigmatic Canadian beauty.


Starting from Jasper national park, the Sulphur skyline gives a top view of the Canadian Rockies. The view is worth everything.


Unrivaled beauty of the Canadian wilderness, waterfalls are as attractive as the scenic beauty of the whole Rockies. Try going out on some waterfall hikes such as Alberta falls, Adam falls and Cascada falls to name some of them.


You can trying various things such as ice walks to snowshoeing and exploring the beauty of the formation of various canyons.

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It features in the top ten trains. On the Rocky Mountaineer train you will get a breathtaking opportunity of a life time to look at the glaciers, the rivers, the mountains, the greens and the wildlife as from the poetries of Wordsworth.

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