Top 5 Destinations to Enjoy Spring Break

Spring Break vacations are a tradition for many college students, adults and families throughout the world. Every year, individuals travel to spectacular destinations to spend the break experiencing wildest parties, relaxing on tranquil beaches, and visiting incredible magnetisms. These are five of the best spring break destinations.


The Island of Cancun in southeastern Mexico is a popular spring break destination because of the beautiful beaches, exhilarating water activities, incredible golf courses, and exciting nightlife. It also remains one of the most affordable vacation spots in the western half of the world.

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If you like reggae music, sunbathing, hiking, exploring underwater or playing golf, a Jamaican spring getaway is for you. Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean and is surrounded by gorgeous light-colored beaches and jagged Blue Mountains. The island’s Dunn’s River Falls & Park is also a favorite attraction for visitors.

Jamaica Trip
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Orlando, FL is a hot spot for spring break getaways, especially for families. It’s one of the world’s top entertainment capitals and attracts thousands of tourists yearly. The spectacular natural greenery, exciting attractions, exceptional family-friendly hotels and outstanding restaurants keep families returning year after year.

Orlando, Florida
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San Diego

Many individuals and families stay in San Diego, CA during the spring school break. The relaxed atmosphere of the beaches and endless family activities available seem to be the main attractions. Children enjoy spending time on the beach and paddle boarding in the water; plus, they love visiting Disneyland, Legoland, and San Diego Zoo.


The third largest city in Spain, Valencia, is well-known for its electrifying nightlife and is the ideal place for college students to spend spring break. The city is filled with clubs, bars and discotheques that party until the sun comes up. In addition, there are many social nightspots situated along the Valencia beaches.

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