Vacation Booking and Planning Apps: Simplify Your Travels with Just a Swipe, Tap or Click

If you’re the one who’s always left to plan and book the holidays, it’s probably a task you dread doing. Juggling all of the different sites as you try to get the best deal, you can soon find yourself drowning in timetables, flight details and holiday accommodation.

Fear not!

Booking your holiday this year can be stress-free thanks to some innovative apps you can download straight onto your mobile or tablet device.

From getting the best deal for your flights to finding the ultimate location for you and your family, here are some top picks for holiday apps:

Finding the cheapest flights

When it comes to getting the best price on your flights, you need look no further than Skyscanner. This fantastic app will literally scan the sky for you, finding all of the available flight plans, working out which will be the cheapest option for you. It provides you with a list of all the available websites you can book a particular flight on, including who’s got the flight listed at the most competitive price.

And because it looks at all of the cheapest flight plans available, it’ll point you in the right direction if you need to book two single tickets rather than a return flight with the same airline.

And once your flight’s booked, don’t forget to keep an eye on the weather.

Finding the coolest accommodation

Looking to stay somewhere a little different this year? Then why not try Airbnb for some of the world’s most unique accommodation. You can choose from more than 450,000 listings in over 34,000 cities, giving you the chance to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to your accommodation.

From a fantastic luxury villa in Portugal to a cool apartment in Rome, this app provides you with access to some great alternatives to standard hotels. And the app even allows you to access your itinerary, message the host and get directions, and all at the click of a button.

Learn the lingo 

If you’re traveling to a foreign country that has a different language, you’ll want to know the basics so you can get by when ordering food in restaurants or asking for directions. The Bravolol Phrasebook is perfect for those who are traveling somewhere where they don’t speak the lingo.

Covering 20 different languages, this app includes hundreds of keywords and phrases that you may need whilst you’re traveling.

This tool is also great if you’re trying to learn a language as you can hear various audio clips that tell you how to pronounce certain words. Then, you can record yourself saying the same word to see if you can get the pronunciation right. What’s even better is that this app is completely free but you are able to upgrade to get extras, including romantic phrases that you might need whilst you’re away!

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