Vacation Mishaps: Common Sense Tips for Reducing Your Risks

The majority of vacation adventures leave you with nothing but happy memories to look back on, but sometimes things go awry very quickly, and then you end up remembering your holiday for all the wrong reasons.

A firm used to handling injury claims for accidents that happen abroad, but hopefully you might be able to avoid an unfortunate incident if you apply some sensible rules and strategies, that won’t spoil your holiday but might keep you safe.

Enjoying a drink

For many of us, the chance to unwind and enjoy a drink or two, is all part of the holiday experience, but intoxication is a big cause of injuries and personal safety issues.

It is a good idea to try and regulate your alcohol intake, without spoiling the fun.

Getting drunk and losing an element of control or awareness, can quickly escalate into a serious scenario where you may end up injuring yourself, or your personal safety is endangered, due to your vulnerability as a result of drinking too much.

Avoid getting drunk with people you don’t know, however friendly they might appear, and remember that even if you don’t get into trouble through drinking too much alcohol, you could easily get dehydrated, especially in a hot climate.

Get good insurance cover

Carrying a valid EHIC card when travelling in Europe could help to reduce any healthcare costs you incur and might even allow you to get some free treatment in some places.

The card is free to apply for and it is important to note, that even if you have arranged some additional travel insurance cover, it could be invalidated if you are not carrying a valid EHIC card.

Shop around for comprehensive travel insurance cover, as the level of protection can vary. Having good insurance cover can certainly help if you have an incident such as a fall or get food poisoning for example, as you should be able to get some treatment and it could save you a lot of money.

Keep hold of your personal items

One of the worst things that can happen on holiday is to lose your wallet or passport.

Try to keep your money as physically close to you as possible. While a money belt could hardly be described as a fashion accessory, it can often be very effective in protecting your cash, so consider using one.

If you lose or have your passport stolen, you will have to get in touch with your local embassy as quickly as possible, so that they can advise you and arrange a replacement.

Try to avoid carrying your passport around with you during the day so that you reduce the risk of losing it or having it stolen, but do keep it somewhere secure, such as in the hotel safe, rather than leave it lying around in your room.

The general advice for keeping safe would be to plan your trips and try and familiarise yourself with the local area and the route you are taking, and also always trust your instincts. If an area or venue seems to give off a bad vibe or you get a bad feeling about someone you meet, make plans to move away or join others you know, to minimize any risk to your personal safety.

Enjoy your vacation, but don’t forget to use some common sense so that you come back with only happy memories.

Jacob Burrows worked as a holiday representative for several seasons in his early twenties. Still in the travel industry today, he enjoys sharing his stories and his tips with fellow travellers.

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