3 Ideas for Spa Holidays in the UK

The UK is more than just tea and fog. For both locals and foreigners alike, the United Kingdom offers numerous options for a relaxing and pampering spa weekend. Below are three favorites.

The Dorchester Spa

London’s top hotel houses what is possibly one of the poshest spas in the city. A palace of creams, glass and polished steel, the space evokes the home of a 1930s Hollywood starlet but the treatments are as up-to-date as could be. The spa uses high end skincare brands like Shiseido, La Prairie, and Carol Joy to pamper your face, body and hair. Check into the hotel for a weekend and have a mini spa holiday full of glamour and opulence without ever having to step outdoors.

Spa towels and bell
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Thermae Bath Spa

Bath is England’s original spa destination with roots going back over 2000 years to Roman times. The only natural thermal spa in all of Britain, Thermae offers two main buildings from which to enjoy your mineral-rich soak. The New Royal Bath is a modern take on traditional baths, with stone and glass surrounds; also included with admission are aromatherapy steam rooms and a rooftop pool. The Cross Bath is a more intimate alternative without the added amenities but with a healthy dose of history; the building is on a sacred Celtic site.

The Vale Resort

Nested in the Welsh Countryside, the Vale Resort is a destination in and of itself. The hotel, golf course and spa offer the perfect getaway for a weekend in Wales. The pre-service relaxation rooms are decorated in the rich jewel tones of the Orient and the treatments areas are bathed in clean whites. Everything from facials, massage, and body treatments are available for both men and women. End your day of pampering with afternoon tea in the hotel to complete your blissful retreat.

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