3 Perfect Places to Teach English in Asia

If you are a native English Speaker with passion for traveling, then teaching English in Asia can be a great way to travel and earn money at the same time. There are good number of popular Asian travel destinations where you can stay for a few months, take a part time teaching job, earn some cash while mixing with the native people. Here are 3 perfect places to teach English in Asia:


China is a beautiful country with a unique culture, wide variety of tourist attractions and endless opportunities to teach English as China has a huge population and lot of Chinese are keen to learn English. If you want to go beyond just traveling and teaching English for full time, China can be the country. Because China is growing as a global economic superpower and it needs more and more English Language teachers. That means English teachers are in high demand in China and you can expect to have competitive salaries. If you are just a traveler looking to earn some cash for traveling, you can find plenty of opportunities in its major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It can always be a great idea to take a part time English teaching job in China any of these cities and explore the nearby attractions. But remember you have to learn some basic Chinese to be able to teach English effectively.


Nepal is home to the great Himalayas and is a truly remarkable travel destination. Nepal is surely one of the top travel destinations in the world for adventure seekers. It boasts of stunning natural landscapes as well. If you are looking to visit this beautiful country, teaching English can be a great way to mix up with the locals and earn some easy cash. Nepal has almost the same kind of culture of India but the main language in there is Nepali. To be able to teach English effectively you have to learn some basic Nepali language.


India is another big country with great cultural diversity within the country. Indians speak in more than 200 languages, but Hindi is the main language. Like China, India too has great demand for English language teachers. There are many charitable organizations that take initiatives to teach underprivileged children throughout India. You can find many such projects online and contact them to know about different ways you can teach English in India. So, you can voluntarily teach English while traveling. If you plan on staying for longer time period, you can apply to various academic institutions across India – it would also be a good idea to purchase travel insurance to cover your long stay. There are great numbers of English medium schools in major Indian cities that require English language teachers. If you are a native English speaker, changes are you will be given priority ahead of locals. So, whether you are looking to take teaching English in India as a part time job while traveling or take it as a full time job, you can expect to have plenty of opportunities.

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