3 Tips for Your First Week as an ESL Teacher

There are several important things that you should consider when you are an ESL teacher venturing in a foreign country. It does not matter whether you have years of experienced or not. The most important thing to do is to ensure that your teaching experience in the long-run will add value to your career. Here are some tips for surviving your first week as an English teacher at a new school:

Research your school

Do your research on your school, and if you have any questions which remain unanswered, be sure to ask your director or coworkers. This includes things like knowing the school policies, discipline levels, and your specific responsibilities. Also be sure to find out if there is a specific dress code in place at your workplace.

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Plan your lessons

The second and equally important point as an ESL teacher, make sure that the first week you have planned your lessons. This is to avoid any unprecedented mistakes that might crop up during lessons. This will also help you to be organized throughout the term and work professionally adhering to the required standard levels. In addition, it will help you be punctual and not waste time trying to rush unprepared into the class. The precincts of teaching career demands that you enter in the class early enough to be able to go through your lesson plan.

Get to know your students

It is important to try and interact with your students, learn their names and get acquainted with their behavior. You may want to consider keeping a journal where you jot down what transpires during the lessons, and also track the student’s progress. It is one of the most vital elements that you cannot overlook.

As you consider these 3 tips for your first week as an ESL teacher, you will be laying down a strong foundation that will make the term successful. This is due to the better environment that you will have created over time.

Enjoy teaching! Enjoy travel!

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