4 Reasons Why You Should Teach English in South Korea

Teaching English is South Korea might not seem like something you would think would be in high demand, but the fact is that over 25,000 people each year are helping locals to learn the English language. Here are four reasons you should consider teaching English in South Korea.

The South Korean Culture

When you pack your bags to travel to South Korea to help teach English, you get to indulge yourself in an amazing culture. The people of this region have deep roots in their culture, and you can experience some of the most fascinating foods in the world. The locals are always eager to pass on stories of their history, and you will find the people and their stories simply captivating.

Saving Your Money

Coming to South Korea to teach residents English should never be about the money only. There is something to be said however for the money that you can save while here helping people to learn this difficult language. The rewards for teaching your craft go much further here than anywhere in the world. Just imagine how great it will feel knowing you are helping people, while all your expenses are paid by your employer. The money that you make can be easily saved because goods here are so inexpensive. That allows to to soak up more of the culture without concern for your budget.

Improving Your Resume

When you complete your college education, you will be in the same pool as many of the other graduates looking for work. The difference when you teach English in South Korea is that you will have that extra boost on your resume that could help you to land a more difficult position that people are fighting over. That experience can show a potential employer that you are not some fresh college graduate but more of a well traveled employee who already has work experience.

Working With Children

While this isn’t exactly like babysitting, it does involve plenty of excited children who are going to be thrilled when they see you. These kids want to learn and are anxious to grasp all the information you can give them. Working with children is often reward enough to want to travel to South Korea to help teach them the English language.

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