5 Art Deco Buildings to Visit in Miami

Art deco or simply deco is an influential construction style that flourished post the World War II era. This style of construction is extremely eclectic and it combines pastel hues, luxurious ornamentation and bold shapes. Miami is a treasure trove when it comes to art deco architecture, and many of the city’s buildings are an absolute treat for the eyes. Here are some of the top art deco buildings to visit in Florida:

1. Stardust Apartments

This is an ancient art deco building which is located right in the center of the Art Deco District in South Beach, Miami. It is situated about a block away from the popular Ocean Drive and offers rooms at attractive prices to corporate travelers and vacation goers.

2. Tower Theater

While you are in Miami, you should be sure to visit a landmark called the Tower Theater as it is one of the oldest cultural landmarks in Miami. The most prominent art deco feature of the building, which first opened its doors to the public in December 1926, is the steel tower that stands about forty feet tall.

3. S.H. Kress and Co Building

Situated in Daytona Beach in Florida, this art deco building is a historic one as well. This building was once a part of the S.H. Kress & Co department store chain of ‘Five and Dime’ stores. Later the building was purchased by an investment firm during the 1980s.

4. Ritz Plaza Hotel

Completed in the year 1939, this hotel consisted of 12 stories and held the record of being the tallest building in Miami for thirty years, until the 5660 Condominiums came up. Although this is a closed hotel, it makes for quite a good visiting place to see art deco style architecture.

5. Ocean Drive

Located in the affluent neighborhood of South Beach in Miami, Florida, Ocean Drive is lined with art deco buildings. Ocean Drive starts from South Pointe and ends at 15th Street. One can find a lot of art deco hotels here and close to eight hundred preserved buildings, including the popular Versace mansion.


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