5 cool facts you didn’t know about Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, swanky casinos, and what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas attitude, but this destination also has a few surprises up it’s sleeve. Today we’re going to be looking at some fun, cool facts that you may not know about Sin City.

1. Vegas is the Brightest Spot on Earth

You know all those bright neon signs, swirling strobes, and flashing bulbs. These all add up to millions of lights making Las Vegas not only visible from space, but also the brightest city in the world! You may want to pack a sleeping mask.

2. The City Thrives Off of Gambling

Gambling in Las Vegas became legal in 1931 and accounts for 43 percent of the city’s revenue. Who knew you could build an entire destination around gambling? If you’re thinking of trying your luck at gambling, you may want to have a practice at a live casino first from home – you know, so you can play the game once you get there.

3. The Stratosphere is the Tallest Observation Tower in the U.S.

The Stratosphere doubles as a hotel and as an observation tower near the Strip and stands 1,149 feet tall. Not only is it the tallest observation tower in the country, but it’s also the second-tallest free-standing structure west of the Mississippi. The hotel even has a roller coaster at the top for visitors to ride!

4. More Than 41 Million People Visit the City Each Year

Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. A whopping 41 million people arrive in Vegas each year and 22,000 conventions are also held in the same destination. With that many visitors passing through, there’s got to be a good reason to visit Vegas.

5. There are 300 Weddings Each Day

Although Vegas is known for its gambling and entertainment options, it’s also one of the most popular places in the world to get married. Many people travel to the destination to visit one of the hundreds of chapels that are located close to the Strip for a quick and affordable way of saying, “I do.”

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