5 Gems to Explore During your France Vacation to Brittany/Normandy

Looking to stroll along some of the beaches of Brittany, or traverse through history to the battlefields of Normandy?   Why not take an exploration upon two wheels and ride from one amazing France destination to the next on a France Bike Trip.  Breathe in the fresh sea air as you ride by the shorelines, and take a brake from riding at one of the many wineries you can visit along your way. Let your pallet enjoy the flavors of the bay as well as the rich wines that come from the valleys.  Put a few must visit locations on your tour through the Brittany area of France, and be sure to catch some of the amazing sites and locations that France has to offer.

St. Malo is one such location that should be checked out during your tour.  The fortified island still retains the look of a medieval city, and has maintained much of its charm though the passing of time.  Check out the Memorial 39-45 museum to see some WWII bunkers restored, learn about some history, and find out about how important the port was in it’s heyday.  If you fancy military history, don’t miss out on Fort National or Demeure de Corsaire.  There are also a few beautiful cathedrals that should be explored while visiting the historical St. Malo as well.

Next you should definitely consider a visit to St. Vaast if you haven’t gotten enough of the sea and sunshine.  This marina is a special place today, as it is important for the fishing industry.  St. Vaast makes for the perfect location to hang out and people watch as you observe the catch from the day being unloaded and sold.  Taste some of the most delicious and freshest seafood around.  Take a stroll through the oyster fields and learn about how they are cultivated, before you enjoy a delicious plate of them for lunch.

Bayeux is also a great location to see some beautiful cathedrals, tapestries, museums, and historical sites and landmarks.  Great battle tours, as well as amazing sightseeing to be had, by bike or on foot can be explored in Bayeux.  As the first town to be liberated after D-Day, it had also survived fairly unscathed from WWII.  The beaches here are no less gorgeous, and can also be a fun way to spend the day relaxing.  Even if your all toured out, Bayeux is still a great town to take a stroll and admire the old buildings and antique feel of the city.

Caen founded in the 11th Century by William The Conqueror has been a very relevant part in Normandy’s history and is quite the sight to witness as well. Having been leveled more than once from invasions, this city having been reduced to rubble on more then one occasion, definitely has the stories to show for it.  Having been rebuilt in a more utilitarian post-war style, what this town lacks in antiquity, it makes up in rich history and interesting tales of destruction and rebirth.

You should also at least ride through Rennes, the capital of Brittany.  You will be able to see the regular day-to-day lives operating in the capital.  Learn about parliament, explore the culture, view the creative arts, learn about the royals, taste some of the gourmet fares, and enjoy some of the rural life, and night time festivities.  No matter where you are headed on your France vacation, you should definitely consider it upon two wheels, and see if you can squeeze in some of these great locations onto your list.

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