5 Ideas for Your Visit to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is one of the most rapidly growing tourist hubs in the United States of America. It is known as the ‘City of Sun’ as sunny days remain here all throughout the year. The city is well known for its cultural sites, with tons of interesting place to enjoy. Be they kids, young, couples, family or office tours, Phoenix has something for everybody’s taste. Here are the top 5 Things to do in Phoenix you can enjoy on your trip to Arizona.

Trip to the Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical is known to introduce you with a huge variety of flora and fauna. You wouldn’t have expected that you will get to see here regarding different species of flora and fauna. Did you ever think how many species of cacti are there? Well, the number may go hopping than you ever thought. Located in Papago Park the garden is open for all throughout the year and is perfect venue to enjoy music evenings, dancing, glass art, dining and drinking.

Arizona Science Center

A visit to ASC is going to be a wonderful place for your kids as they get to see museum through very interactive media. The anatomy of human body, Titanic, and natural science exhibitions are the areas of interest for kids. Kids are allowed to be part of experiments and testing procedures.

Grand Canyon

If you wish to be witness of one of the most majestic beauty in Phoenix city Grand Canyon is the perfect family spot. This is most visited site by tourists in the US. Tours to Grand Canyon are held regularly.

Deer Valley Rock Art Center

Native Americans initially farmed the land and lived here for thousands of years even before White and Mexican settlers. You will get to have insight into the lives of original settlers. The center has 1500 rock art works. Exhibitions and events are held all throughout the year.

Heritage Square Foundation

This is the place associated with the modern origins of Phoenix having eight beautifully restored houses reflected Rosson House. All of the buildings date back to 1800s when Phoenix was still growing. When you visit here you get to enjoy a day out living with one of the original setters the very founder of the city.

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