5 Places to Visit on Your Drive from LA to Las Vegas

For the longest time now, Las Vegas has been considered among the top capitals in the world of entertainment. A visit to this city will leave you mesmerized with the thrill and fun that you will experience. However, other than the excitement, Las Vegas can pride of its awe-inspiring landscapes that are formed with desert, canyons and rugged mountains. Words are not enough to explain the scenic natural scenic beauty of this destination. As you drive from LA to Las Vegas, there are several places that you can visit.

A trip to the Great Canyon

Those who would love something different than what Las Vegas has to offer can consider visiting the Great Canyon. Situated 250 miles for Las Vegas, this destination offers some of the most breathtaking landscape sceneries. Visitors can enjoy the Great Canyon either from the north or south and it covers 277 miles of Colorado River. There is a visitor centre located at the Great Canyon where you can enjoy watching videos and listen to lecturers that will guide you through the National Park.

Hoover Dam

Considered among the top most construction of the 20th Century, the Hoover Dam is definitely a place worth visiting. The facility was constructed way back in 1930, which makes it be considered among the historical landmarks in the country. At this dam. You can have a complete look of the mechanical components. This can be achieved by taking a 500 feet elevator dam directly to the black canyon. A tour round this dam would take up to three hours and it is definitely worth every cent.

Death Valley

This National Park is situated 216 kilometres from Las Vegas. The main attraction in this place is the Badwater that lies 282 feet beneath the level of the sea and is known to be the hottest place in the United States of America with a temperature of 120 F.

Mount Charleston

It is situated 35 miles for Las Vegas and has a high elevation of 11,918 feet. Picturesque surroundings and snow clad mountains are some of the main characteristics of Mount Charleston. The destination is perfect for activities like horse riding, hiking and skiing.

The Bonnie Springs

This is a superb destination for family outings and is situated 25 miles from Las Vegas. Kids have plenty of activities to do while at the Bonnie Springs. These include cowgirls, cowboys, gunfight, train rides and the zoo. Other facilities available include a wedding chapel, wax museum and shopping stores.

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