5 Things To Do In Portugal

Ride the Tram

Perhaps the best known tram in the whole country is number 28 which runs through Lisbon’s oldest districts. Although some trams have been replaced with their sleek and modern counterparts, a few of the yellow carriages still travel down the mosaic lined streets. Tram 28 will carry you over hills, down crooked streets, and around some of the most scenic points in the city.

Be Wooed by Sintra

Setting foot in the town of Sintra is like setting foot in a fairy tale. This former Moorish enclave is home to colourful palaces, forests, and monasteries. Castelo dos Mouros, which translates to ‘The Castle of the Moors’ is perhaps the most recognizable image of the place. This ruined medieval castle sits perched on a hilltop 412 meters above sea level and was a strategic point during the Reconquista.

Eat Pastel de Nata

These egg tart pastries are believed to have been created by the Catholic monks at the Jeronimos Monastery in the civil parish of Belém. Picture a custard like filling in a rustic pastry. The ingredients are simple, but sometimes that is all you need to create the perfect recipe. Once you take your first bite, one pastry won’t be enough.

Drink Porto

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and it best known for its wine: Vinho do Porto. This red wine is produced in Portugal’s northern provinces, and is very sweet, making it the perfect dessert wine. Wine tasting tours are abundant in the area. Why not enjoy a glass or two?

Listen to Fado

Fado music can trace its origins to 1820s Portugal. The music has soulful and mournful tones, and speaks of resignation and longing. The unmistakable melody can often be heard ringing out of bars and cafes onto the streets.

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