5 Things to do in the Cotswolds

A visit to Cotswolds is a relaxing feeling and it is perfect for taking time out on summer breaks in the UK. There is a lot to see and do as you enjoy a great holiday in Cotswold. You can take time to explore the beautiful villages where you will experience real tranquil and relaxation. Roaming around the gardens and green parks that are meticulously maintained is refreshing. By visiting Cotswolds, which is one of the most beautiful places in England, you will feel energized to face your every day challenges and assignments.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

This park owes its allegiance to John Heyworth who created it in 1970. It is situated at the Bradwell Grove Estate that covers 160 acres of land across the 3000 acres of beautiful botanical gardens that are surrounded by the gothic-style mansion. There are a total of two hundred and sixty different kinds of animals that include the white rhino that is well known for its rarity.

Butterfly Park

Located near Avon, the butterfly park is a must visit when in the north of Cotswold. This is Europe’s largest park that comprises of approximately 1,600 varying butterflies from 80 species. However, the farm also houses reptiles and birds that can be seen lying around as they enjoy the tropical atmosphere.

Cotswold Motoring Museum

This museum was set up 30 years ago and it houses cars and motorcycles as well as other kinds of motoring memorabilia.


Stratford prides as being the birth place of William Shakespeare. Here, there is plenty to see such as the picturesque wood fronted homes, beautiful gardens as well as parks. Other places that you should visit while in Stratford include the Mary Aden’s House and the cottage of Anne Hathaway.

The Slaughters

A visit to Cotswold is not complete without visiting the Slaughters. Many have associated the term slaughter with gruesome kind of scenes. Take note that there is the lower and upper slaughter, which are both beautiful houses. Most tourists prefer visiting the Lower Slaughter since it is well known as a photographers paradise.

While the Cotswolds are a great summer destination, there are many other july breaks for everyone to enjoy.

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