5 Tips for Taking Creative Photos of Famous Monuments

Photography nowadays had become a very interesting art. It allows a person to capture life, nature, special milestones, perfect moments and everything in between. With its high tech and advance features, people are more and more fond and eager to learn and enjoy this field of interest. But how does this apply to photographing famous monuments?

Here are a few tips to help you produce creative shots along your travels:

Choose famous monuments.

The first step is choosing a monument to practice your photography, and this does not mean you need to fly halfway across the globe to some place like Paris or Rome. Every city or country has its own famous monuments and landmarks which will serve as the best subject for photography. Start in your own town.

Include people in your subject.

Many photographers like to remove other people from their shots, however, people can add a creative element to your composition. So to give a little life to your image include a few people near or around the subject but never flood the subject with people to outcast the aesthetic and emphasis.

Familiarize the monument and its surroundings.

Before shooting the desired monument, visit it and observe the appearance during morning or evening light and determine when you can get low angle light and shadows that will add depth and interest to your image.

Get the perfect composition.

Creativity comes from within, the photographer just need to get the composition such as the kind of light, the right angle and time of day or night that the monument be taken that can make you express yourself creatively.

Shoot the subject a little further from the base.

Once you are a little further from the subject you can creatively zoom in and out your way, while tilting your camera back and shoot away with a portrait orientation.

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