A First Timer’s Guide To Tbilisi, Georgia

Traveling to Tbilisi in Georgia is definitely a wonderful experience. In Tbilisi, there are lots of things that you can do and amazing places to go. Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia and it is home to over one fifth of the population of Georgia.

Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo is situated within the Saburtalo neighborhood. It is such a wonderful place to visit especially if you are taking a family trip. Your kids will enjoy a trip to this zoo that hosts an interesting collection of animals from diverse parts of the world. Here, you will notice a unique reptile house that has got an aquarium.

Vake Park

Another interesting place to visit is the Vake Park. It is a huge beautiful park that is situated at the west of the Vake neighborhood. Many locals love this park that is characterized by extremely tall pines that have drooping branches as well as subtropical plants. You can enjoy taking a stroll here.

Tbilisi Baths

Tbilisi Baths are situated near the botanical gardens at the heart of Tbilisi. The entry of these baths is situated in a building that has the Persian Mosque facade. Here, you can enjoy enjoy some tranquillity and fresh air.

St Nicholas Church and the Narigala Fortress

St Nicholas Church and the Narigala Fortress are located on top of a cliff above the botanical gardens. You will notice some rich history as you climb up and down the fortress walls while enjoying some breathtaking views of this city. It is also possible to enjoy walking on several trails both in and out of the Narigala Fortress that leads to the back of the fortress that has got stunning views of the botanical gardens.

Tbilisi offers several dining options such as the Dzveli Tbilisi restaurant that is situated near the Metekhi neighborhood. Here, you will also be provided with accommodation options.

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