A quick tour of Brussels, Belgium

Are you planning on a trip to Belgium? Do you know which city will give you the pleasure of being a traveler here? Worry no more; Brussels is the city to visit. Here are some of our suggestions for places to visit:

The Grand Place

The Grand Place is an ornate as well as a historic square, one that has a number of professional guilds such as the butchers, bakers as well as haberdashers. This square also serves as a Sunday bird market, museum for the brewer. In addition, a number of hotels, pubs along with cafes are found here.

Comic Museum

Here you will get information about famous authors of comic literature. Smurfs and Tintin got their lives here. In case you want to learn all about the history and background of any comic book as well as their authors, this is the place to do it.

A La Mort Subite

This is a bar where you can spend some time and get the true feel of the famed beers of Belgium. If you are not into beer, don’t worry, you can also get tasty coffee here.


Manneken-Pis is known to be an attractive piece of statue that is centuries old. It is made out of bronze and can be found just next to the Grand Place. An interesting fact about the statue is that it features a small boy responding to the call of nature.

Saint-Hubert Galleries

This is a shopping gallery, which is fully of shops that are very attractive. In here you will fin all types of products.

Visit Brussels for these and much more sites that will ensure you that you enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

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