A Visit to Minsk, Belarus

After Minsk was ravaged during the Second World war, it was rebuilt by the Soviets. This metropolis is dotted with a bloody history. However, it still has some pockets of history, charm and religion.


You can take a day trip to visit this museum that is situated in the southern part of Minsk. Here, you can have a glimpse of the 19th Century Belarusian country life. You can view a windmill and a working farm at this museum. Also, you can enjoying viewing the ancient Belarus arts and crafts. There is definitely a lot that you can see and do such as horse riding after which you can enjoy a sumptuous traditional meal.

Trinity Suburb

It has been constructed on a settlement site that dates way back to the 12th Century and it has grown to become a popular destination. Also referred to as the Old Town, its name is drawn from its intended feel and look. This place is worth visiting because of its numerous cafes, restaurants and bars.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Former Residence

Who is Lee Harvey Oswald? He was the most notorious resident in Minsk and he was responsible for the assassination of the former American president John F Kennedy. This residence is situated along the West Bank right across River Svislach.

Nesvizh Palace

This Palace is a combination of different architectural styles. It is situated 120 Km on the south western part of Minsk. This castle and its surrounding estates was owned by the Radziwil family. They acquired this castle back in the 16th Century, but, were driven away in 1770 by Russian forces.

KGB Headquarters

It is situated near the middle of the metropolis and it is the headquarters of the Belarus secret police. Also, near the independence square there are some other interesting buildings that you can see and taking photos of.

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