A weekend in La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a great touristic destination. I has plenty of things to do and engage in. Basically, it is one of the most loved places in France that every visitor would not love to miss while at France. If you have never thought that La Rochelle has something for you, have a look at the following destinations. The destinations are among the best places to visit in this site:

Le Vieux Port

This is the old port area where you will find some of the oldest French architecture. There are several structures that will capture your attention while at this place. For instance, Tour de la Lanterne which is rich is the French history.

Plage des Minimes

Most individuals think that La Rochelle has no good beaches. If you are one of them, then you need to make a visit to Plage des Minimes. Here, you will find excellent beaches that will spice up your stay. It is the best place to watch the sunset too.

Musée Maritime

It is one of the latest maritime museums that you will find in France. It is an exhibition center that discloses La Rochelle’s amazing history.

Museum d’Histoire Naturelle

Actually, there are plenty of museums in La Rochelle. Museum d’Histoire Naturelle is one of them. As the name suggests, this museum hosts wonderful Natural history. It has a collection of thousands of historical objects and items from all pars of the world e.g. birds, animals among others.

Musée du Flacon à Parfum

Lovers of beauty products should not leave La Rochelle before visiting this museum. Musée du Flacon à Parfum is a unique museum where various designs of perfume bottles are kept. It is a destination where you will get the history of various perfume products that you may have used before.

It should always be remembered that there are several other destinations which are worth-visiting in La Rochelle.

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