Benefits of obtaining a TEFL or TESL certificate

There are many reasons why obtaining Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is valuable when trying to obtain an employment opportunity in the field. Of these, the below are examples of why these certifications can prove to be important when searching for an ESL opportunity:

(1) Most schools require a teaching certification in order to be considered for the opportunity.

(2) Most employment opportunities base the salary on the amount of training and education. Having a TEFL or TESL certificate could increase one’s salary.

(3) Fast-track and online programs are available to accommodate all persons who are interested in obtaining certification.

(4) Globally recognized programs are available in order for candidates to be certified all over the globe.

(5) TESL and TEFL certificate programs can be competitive which pushed the candidate to better him or herself in their quest for knowledge.

In conclusion, it is very important to consider obtaining a TESL or TEFL certificate when choosing to work abroad or in the US in an ESL program. These certifications not only train you for your skill set but also justify your skills to employers. Greater opportunities, such as private schools, are more likely to interview a candidate if he or she has proven to be serious about the ESL program. A number of certification programs are now available to cater to persons of all lifestyles so the certificate is easily obtainable. Online courses and fast-track programs provide guidance to those seeking education in ESL fields. However, if one can also enroll in a program which offers in-person teaching time, many employers will choose candidates who have this experience over candidates who solely rely on remote learning (online classes, etc.) These certifications are often times used in conjunction with an English degree.

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