Change Your Vantage Point

Another very common mistake made by many aspiring photographers is to hold the camera around chest to eye level and take shots in landscape orientation (holding the camera naturally as it is) more often than not.

Consider taking more shots in portrait orientation (camera held vertically instead of horizontally) or even better (my personal favorite) tilting it in between these two orientations (sideways at a 45 degree angle) for more creative shots.

Most importantly, always holding the camera near chest level prevents you from seeing the world creatively.

Try looking up and down while shooting and don’t be afraid to get down on your knees to capture subjects from a different perspective or climb up stairs/a hill to shoot downwards to capture something magical in a unique way.

The whole point is to try and be more creative with your shots.

Get down and dirty with your photography.  Don’t be afraid to get down on your knees and crawl around to find the best shots.  Conversely, be willing to climb up a tree, mountain or hill for a unique vantage point.

Photographers who see the world creatively are not shooting from chest and eye level.

One suggestion is to start wearing your worst clothes out on days when you feel you are going to be taking a lot of photos.  You won’t mind as much crawling on the ground to get that unique angle when you’re wearing clothes that are close to finding their way to the trash bin.

This is a travel photography tip changing your vantage point will take time to form as a consistent habit.  It’s just so comfortable shooting from a traditional and comfortable point of view.  As with anything in life, breaking free from your comfort zones is when the best results are likely to occur.  Keep practising this technique and you’ll be getting down and dirty with the best of them 😛

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