Corfu: Palaces, Beaches and Ancient Ruins

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is a popular Greek island with travellers looking for a cultural beach escape. Its combination of historic sites and beautiful shores make it a great holiday destination and with Thomas Cook flights its very easy to get there. Today’s article will highlight some of the top attractions you can visit in Corfu:

Achilleion Palace

This Achilleion Palace is located in the picturesque village of the Gastouri. This remarkable palace was developed in the year 1890 exclusively for the Empress of Austria. The Empress was fascinated with the Greek language and culture, and Corfu was her favourite island. Wandering through the grounds feels like a little retreat.


One of Corfu’s famous locations is Paleokastritsa and part of the beach resort as well as part monastic community that makes it an amazing place to visit. When visiting this place, you will explore the famous the historical moments and amazing tourist attraction.

Palaio Frourio (The Old Fort)

The Old Fort also sits on the rocky island on east side of the Corfu Town. There has been a fort in this place since the sixth century. This for sure makes it another remarkable place if you want to have fun while touring the place called Mouse Island.

Mouse Island

This is another legendary picture of Corfu. It is holiday brochure or an open travel guide for people visiting this place. You will see most of the famous wild animals while visiting this remarkable place.

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