Discovering Washington, The District Capital

The houses of government

These include visiting the White house and US supreme court. These buildings have been there for a long time. There is much knowledge to gain learning about the history of US leadership. The artwork and rooms in the building are also amazing to view. You need to plan ahead with your congress representative before making the visit.

The national monuments and memorials

This place is absolutely beautiful at night, especially on a fully light sky. The light illuminates the monuments producing an absolutely gorgeous look. In this building you will honour all of our fallen heroes. The poets, leaders, generals and all people who helped shape this great nation.  one should be sure to visit the Lincoln Memorial if facing time constraints.  The monuments are spread out so you will need time to see all of them.

Smithsonian museums

This place contains fossils that are over billion years old. There are over 137 million different objects to be viewed from beautiful art work to scientific specimens. Get to see firsthand how much the tools our ancestors used to use have evolved with time. With 19 museums and galleries there is definitely something for everyone.

John F. Kennedy Centre

Here you will be able to view wonderful concerts. The variety of entertainment is wide you may choose from, jazz, folk music, orchestra, musicals and dance. At the centre you can have some time to relax and enjoy the variety of entertainment choices in Washington. You can purchase a ticket ahead or watch a free show at the Millennium stage.

National Zoo

This will be perfect especially if you are travelling with children. You can see lions, giant pandas, sloth bear, different species of birds, monkeys, apes and other animals. In there you will feel like you are in the jungle. The animals are kept in fenced areas so the visitors are safe and protected.

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