Earning your TEFL or CELTA

The main purpose of taking a TEFL course is to help individuals acquire the ability and authority to teach English, especially overseas. Schools and learning centers in other countries usually require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate in order to teach English to their students. If you plan to become an English teacher in another part of the world, be sure to check the specific schools you want to apply for to know their specific requirements.

If you want to teach English in the United States or in other English-speaking countries, schools there will require more rigorous training. In general, they will want you to go beyond a bachelor’s degree. Some schools will require you to have a master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from a reputable college or university.

When compared to a CELTA certificate, a TEFL will allow you to work with both children and adults. You can work for different types of schools, whether private or public. TEFL is more recognized worldwide than CELTA, even though the latter is also accepted internationally. If you have a TEFL, you can also choose not to work for formal schools. You can teach English at language instruction companies that specifically address the English language needs of professionals and expatriates.

Getting a TEFL or CELTA will require you to complete at least a hundred hours of studying a comprehensive course and many hours of observed teaching. However, like any other certificates worth getting, you should devote all your time and effort to get this certificate. The rewards are great and worth your while.

No matter what certification you will aim to take, enrolling in training courses provided by reputable universities is your best bet. The main reason is because these institutions are widely known and employers overseas recognize the certificates. Employers across the world want to be sure of your abilities and a TEFL is sometimes the best tool to gauge your capabilities.

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