Entertainment For Kids On A Plane

Children tend to be restless; blame it on their natural adventurous streak. The restlessness increases during long flights as seat belts can be quite limiting. It is therefore important to plan the journey in advance and give your kids memorable times on the plane.

The Magical Window Seat

Choosing a window seat always helps as kids are excited to find themselves flying amidst the clouds. A window seat will also ensure good views of the take-offs and landings. Kids would enjoy the city-lights and features disappearing and appearing before them. The scenery will keep them engaged for some time and parents can catch a breather!


You can never go wrong with toys. Small action figures, dolls, card games, handheld games etc will keep the kids happy and entertained. Also, you can pick up some Lego¬†which comes handy in keeping the kids occupied. The interlocking bricks along with gears and minifigures always wins hands down. Kids do not realize how time passes when they’re busy building their little robots, vehicles, buildings etc with Lego bricks.

Activity Books

Tiny pocket-size books full of puzzles, pictures for coloring, riddles etc are a good option to explore. You can also carry some books for reading. Ensure that the books are not bulky and contain lots of pictures. Remember to pack in crayons and pencils.

Stock-up On Goodies And Novelty Items

Before your journey, collect small treats and candy for kids and prepare your goody-bag! Just when you feel that kids are getting out of hand on the plane, pacify them with your magical goody-bag. Keep an element of surprise and let the kids keep guessing about what will come out next. Parents can also use the treats as incentives for kids who behave well.

When it comes to kids, it is best to be over-prepared. Enjoy the flight with your children!

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