Experiencing New York City through Art

If you have a true passion and love for art, then New York City is undeniably one of the greatest destinations on the planet. The Big Apple is home to many exciting and diverse artsy spots that are a must-see for art enthusiasts. Whether you appreciate graffiti or sculptures, New York City is sure to satisfy.

American Art

If you wish to explore the finest art made by Americans, be sure to stop by the aptly named Whitney Museum of American Art on Madison Avenue. Twentieth century American artwork is the big focus at this lively and extensive museum. Whether you want to learn more about Georgia O’Keeffe or Andy Warhol, the Whitney is the place for you.

Modern Art

If you adore modern art, be sure to visit New Museum in Manhattan. In existence since 1977, New Museum showcases innovation in artistic form. The museum displays artwork produced by individuals from all over the globe, from the United Kingdom and Argentina to Cameroon and Poland.

Street Art

Visit Harlem in Upper Manhattan to explore some of the most vibrant and colorful street art in New York City. The “Graffiti Hall of Fame” is located in Spanish Harlem. Established in 1980, the wall serves as an artistic haven for some of the area’s best and brightest graffiti artists.

Art Gallery

New York City is a hub for diverse art galleries. If you want to view artwork by the city’s rising and established talents, then be sure to visit Luhring Augustine on West 24th Street in Manhattan. Whether you enjoy drawings, sculptures, paintings, video or photography, this gallery is sure to fascinate. Many of the art displayed at Luhring Augustine is modern and current. Some of it goes all the way back to the end of the nineteenth century.

Sculpture Garden Art

If you want to experience art and the serenity of nature at the same time, then take the time out of your busy New York City day to visit a sculpture garden such as the Socrates Sculpture Park. Socrates Sculpture Park is located in Long Island City, Queens. It features a selection of intriguing and contemporary sculptures. The sculpture garden is open all year long. Entrance is 100 percent free, too — a major bonus.

This artsy tour of New York City is sure to leave you craving art for your own home, and if that is the case, you can consider investing in original artwork paintings.

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