Exploring St. Louis, The Gateway to the West

Lacking mountains and oceans, St. Louis experiences extreme climate at both ends. But this has not deterred its locals from having a good time in any season. While there are many cities that will give you much better naturescapes with milder and comfortable climate, St. Louis is all about man-made marvels. Here are five things that you must do if you are in St. Louis.

Look down from the Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is a stainless steel behemoth and offers a bird’s eye view of the whole city from 630 foot up. It is an unparalled adrenaline rush to look at the city from this vantage point and certainly not an opportunity that you can pass up.

Boil your blood at Six Flags St. Louis

This is an amazing midwest themed park that offers a multitude of thrilling rides. It’s an amazing place for the whole family. There are many superhero themed rides. Six Flags often hosts concerts and the guests are welcome to interact with the artists.

Check out the local Nightlife

St. Louis has some awesome bars and clubs. Most of the good ones are situated in Washington Avenue or Laclede’s Landing. There are some pretty good upscale eateries in Clayton and the Central West End.

Go to the St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is one of the more prominent tourist attractions and so, is maintained diligently by the government. It is a quite and serene place to enjoy some wildlife. If you want, you can buy a ticket for the Emerson Zooline Railroad and get a guided tour too.

Explore the Forest Park

The Forest Park is one of the largest urban park in the states and houses a myriad of interesting places. It has an art museum, a history museum, a science center, a theatre, a greenhouse, a biking trail, a jogging trail, a skating rink, lakes, and an abundance of trees. A very nice place to relax and to find your chi.
I hope you find this article interesting and wish that you have a great time in St. Louis.

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