Five Incredible Places To Visit In Cork, Ireland

Cork is the second largest city located on the South-western coastal region of Ireland. It is actually located on an island in the swampy estuary of River Lee. The city gradually expanded and flourished well along the banks of the river. This renowned city which is the home for 123,000 people boasts the deepest and finest natural harbor and this is reflected in their logo “a safe place for ships”. This harbor has direct ferry services to UK and mainland Europe. Cork in Ireland is touted as one of the hottest destination spots as it assures a vibrant city life, cheap shopping areas and exotic night life.

St Peter and Paul’s Church

A visit to the Cork city would not be complete without paying a visit to the Church of St.Peter and Paul’s. Besides being a sacred place dedicated to prayer and worship it is noted for its architectural significance with huge marble pillars and meticulously crafted stained glass windows. The pulpit incorporates Russian oak which has exquisite carvings and artwork. This is indeed touted as the haven of tranquility in Cork city.

Cork English Market

The English market is one of Cork city’s biggest assets. This bustling social hub of the city has a wide array of products like meats, fruits and vegetables. The exciting new foods, organic products and the exceptionally slashed prices all contribute to its unique appeal. It is also a popular place for visitors from across the globe as it assures a unique shopping experience.

Old Oak

This is a great pub that stays open late night every night of the week. The elegant interiors and the dark wood furnishings assure the place a friendly ambiance. A display of old posters and newspaper clippings take you down the memory lane. Live musical performances make the place lively and vibrant also.

Patrick Street

This is the main shopping area in Cork city. This street is filled with clothes shops, boutiques and coffee shops. This street is located in the heart of the city and is affectionately called by the local people as Pana.

Hop Island Equestrian Center

This place provides an unparalleled experience for people of all age groups. It includes both floodlit indoor and outdoor arenas where instructors provide you training to improve your show jumping or dressage skills. This is yet another place that one should not miss in Cork city.

In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Cork, Ireland make sure not to miss the above discussed destination spots.

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