Germany: A Country Overview

Located in Central Europe and sharing borders with nine different countries, Germany is one of Europe’s most scenic countries.

The state of Baden-Württemberg which lies in the southwestern part of the country is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. The cream coloured palace in Karlsruhe, the ruins of the castle in Heidelberg, the quaint streets of Freiburg’s Old Town, and the countless forts and monasteries that lie scattered across the country make Germany a magical place to visit. Add to this the fact that the countryside is home to the Black Forest and lush greenery, and you have yourself the perfect fairy tale setting!

Moving southeast to Bavaria, you’ll find yourself in one of the oldest states in Europe! Munich is the capital city of this state; and if you’re planning to visit, autumn is one of the best times to do so; especially if you want to partake in the Oktoberfest festivities. Bavaria is also home to Neuschwanstein Castle, which sits perched on a hill and was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Over a million people visit this castle every year; with numbers like that, you can be sure it’s a stunner!

Often referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’, the city of Hamburg is a city that warrants the name. Located in northern Germany, this city is surrounded by water, and has enough bridges to remind you of its Italian counterpart. Cool lakes, fish markets, and river beaches make this city worthy of a summer visit.

And one cannot mention Germany without speaking of its hip and artsy capital. Berlin is historic – Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Berlin Wall come to mind – but it has also emerged as a modern and experimental city. This can be seen everywhere from its quirky bars and cafes, to its thought provoking street art, and abandoned warehouses turned homes.

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