Getting to know Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus is the 2nd largest city in Denmark and is located on the peninsula of Jutland. It’s a very vibrant city because of the large number of university students who attend school in the city. Aarhus has a good downtown centre with numerous walking streets, many quality museums, many excellent restaurants and decent shopping stores. Before deciding the places to visit at Aarhus, it’s advisable to get a tourist card known as the Aarhus card which offers you generous discounts or free admission on many of Aarhus attractions; you are also given free transport on all local transportation networks. In order to make your trip to Aarhus as enjoyable and fun as possible, visit the following places:

Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By is also known as The Old City. This is actually a collection of several historical homes that have been gathered from around Denmark and brought to this park. Most of these buildings were simply dismantled piece by piece, then numbered and rebuilt on this site. Den Gamle By creates a picture of how people lived in Denmark back in time.

The ARoS Museum

The ARoS Museum is an amazing place to spend your afternoon.  It is an art museum that houses both classical and modern art.

The Moesgaard Museum

The Moesgaard Museum is dedicated to exploration of the Vikings and the Iron Age. In this Museum you will see the Viking houses (reconstructed), the oldest bogman in Denmark and also experience real live-action Viking wars. It is a place full of fun.

Tivoli Friheden

This is an amusement park located south of Aarhus and is very similar to the Tivoli Gardens found in Copenhagen. In Tivoli Friheden there are lots of events and concerts, many rides including the very famous cobra. This is a great place for families and children.

Concert Hall Aarhus

It is yet another amazing place to visit in Aarthus. One can get inside the hall and walk around for free if there are no concerts going on. However, its worth to get a ticket to one of the many activities or concerts that take place almost daily. Many concerts have small admission charges or are free. Concert Hall Aarhus is a great place to be with your family.

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