Going “Up at the O2” in London

Climbing the O2 is one of the most exciting attractions available in London today. The experience lets individuals use a harness and climbing boots to reach the top of the famous O2 Arena. This provides an exceptional view of central London that overlooks the Thames and iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Originally opened in the year 2000, the O2 Arena can seat more than 20,000 audience members. As a result, the location has been popular in recent years for sporting events, live concerts, and even the Olympics. While most individuals in London have probably been inside of the O2 at some point, few have seen it from the top. With “Up at the O2”, individuals can climb to the summit of the O2 and take pictures upon reaching the top. The entire expedition takes 90 minutes and can truly be a rewarding experience.

There are several different climbing packages that are offered at the O2. The Original Expedition takes place during the day, enabling climbers to see for up to 15 miles into the horizon. The Sunset Expedition takes place in the evening as the sun goes down. Finally, the Twilight Expedition allows climbers to get high above London’s nightlife and witness the twinkling stars. There are also private climbs that are offered to groups of more than 30 people at a time.

“Up at the O2” affords adventurers the opportunity to complete the climb at their own convenience. By simply purchasing a gift card, individuals can show up when they are ready to make the climb. There is no need to make a reservation on most business days. “Up at the O2” does not have consistent weekly hours, so climbers should inquire before setting out to complete the climb.

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