Gothenburg: A Little Swedish Charm

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and houses a variety of tourist attractions and historical places. For those of you who wish to travel to this lovely destination, here is a list of 5 things to do on a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden:

Liseberg Amusement Park

This is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia and has something to offer to people from all age-groups. From carousels to roller coasters, music concerts to exotic flowers – you can have it all at this amusement park.


Slottsskogen literally translates to The Castle Forest. It houses Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum, a children’s zoo as well as a family animal park. You can spend time at the observatory, feed seals, simply relax or even picnic in this location. Amidst the trees in this forest, music concerts and folk dances are organized occasionally as well.

Botaniska Tradgarden

This botanical garden in Gothenburg is the largest of its kind in Sweden. Covering an area of 175 hectares, this nature reserve is home to more than 12000 plant species, a bulb garden, a bamboo grove, a herb garden, umpteen greenhouses, a rock garden, a Japanese valley and many exotic flowers. If you get tired while walking down the trail, you can always sit down and relax on the many beautiful benches around the park.

Archipelago of Southern Gothenburg

This archipelago is situated off the coast of Gothenburg and has 5000 permanent and 6000 summer residents. The estuary of the river Göta älv lies here too and the islands have a rich history related to duels during the Viking Age. Aspero, Vrango and Styrso are the more popular and rather beautiful islands that you must visit!


Also known as Avenyn, this is one of the most famous streets in Gothenburg. With a wide array of restaurants and shops, you can find things that you will definitely like from different price ranges. The avenue stretches over 1 kilometer in the center of the city – it starts at the end of Gothenburg’s old city and runs up to Gotaplatsen Square.

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