Hang Out with the Kings and Queens of Rock ‘n’ Roll at Coachella

Without doubt, Coachella is the sexiest and coolest festival around. Each April, a lush green oasis of a polo field in the Californian desert is transformed to accommodate the great and good of the rock’n’roll world. Spend some time swaying to the beats of some of the world’s best rock bands under the fringes of a palm tree and you’ll wonder why you ever put up with the rain and mud of Glasto.

With this year’s line-up including the likes of Benny Benassi, Moby, Two Door Cinema Club and Stars, whether it’s hip-hop, punk rock or hipster indie tunes that are your thing, Coachella is a little patch of musical paradise, completely exotic to us Brits.

With so much in store, it makes sense to be prepared so you can enjoy as much as possible. Book your camper in advance for the best deals, pack plenty of sun cream and supplies, and get organised! Make sure you arrive rested, as a good night’s sleep will be hard to find, eat a hearty breakfast each morning, pack plenty of snacks – and pace your drinking (at $330 a ticket,you don’t want to forget any of this weekend!).

Decide which bands you want to see with your friends (you’ll probably manage 8 or 9 a day) and stick to your plan. If you split up from friends, plan a meeting spot carefully – if you’ve lost your friends in a festival crowd before, you’ll be familiar with the frustration of wasting hours wandering around looking for them! If you’re travelling from the UK, you won’t want to use your mobile much, and even if you do, mobile coverage is notoriously patchy. Travel insurance is also a good idea – it’s so easy to lose possessions at a festival, and with moshing crowds and bottles flying around, you might want the peace of mind brought by medical cover.

Above all, once you are there, relax and enjoy yourself, go with the flow, and some of the best musical experiences of your life are guaranteed.

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