Heading Out to America’s Midwest

If you are a tourist out to explore Midwest region of the United States then Minnesota is the place to be. This state encompasses of almost all exciting places to visit in this region. It enjoys a favorable continental type of climate and an overabundance of unique flora and fauna.

Here are 5 things to do in Minnesota:

Mount Kato

You  enjoy hiking, bird watching, skiing during winter, and photographing the beautiful scenery, Mount Kato is a must visit. It is one ideal place to bring along your little ones.

Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain offers the best location to enjoy most outdoor activities that you love. You will be able to go skiing during winter, and also mountain biking in good weather conditions. Other activities that you can involve yourself in include snowboarding and hiking.

Clemens Garden

If you are a lover of nature Clemens Garden awaits you. This beautiful flower garden provides you with so many species of plants, some of which are almost extinct. Enjoy the ambiance of the garden as you walk down the walkways looking at the beautiful fountains. The more than 1,000 rose bushes are simply amazing.

The Mall of America

The Mall of America goes beyond your wildest imaginations of entertainment and shopping is all about. It is known to record millions of tourists each year. Take your time to enjoy rides in the theme park, and see what the aquarium has for you. Go shopping for anything that you can think of, and wind up your day by having exotic cuisine. You cannot mention Minnesota without talking about this mall.

Superior National Forest

As a nature enthusiast, don’t fail to visit Superior National Forest to discover the mysteries that this wilderness has in its basket. Do not forget your hook when you go fishing, this is after you have hiked through the region. Visiting Kentucky is what you need to do to understand Midwest region of the US.

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