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Hong Kong is a fascinating city to travel at any time of day; however, it truly shines at night for the travel photographer.  You will not have a hard time finding Hong Kong hotels that will have rooms available during your stay.

When shooting Hong Kong at night you’re going to want to make sure you’ve brought your travel camera tripod and your fastest lenses.  Ideally you’ll want a lens that covers wide angles for shots of the impressive buildings and lighting displays and perhaps a prime lens, that can easily manipulate depth of field, for shots of people.  The following three areas are places not to be missed for either travellers or travel photographers looking to capture Hong Kong at night with their active imaginations or behind the lens.

View of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

Hong Kong Island at night

Perhaps the best ‘night shot’ in all of Hong Kong can be had from Kowloon Island during the Symphony of Lights performance that happens every night in Hong Kong.  The futuristic buildings light up and start sprouting lasers in all directions.  If you’re looking to capture this with your camera it’s important to have it placed firmly on a tripod.  Try using longer exposures whenever possible.

Close up Shots of Hong Kong’s Impressive Building from Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong buildings at night

The building in Hong Kong are impressive.  Getting up right underneath them is simply mesmerizing.  As a travel photography tip, when trying to capture these impressive feats of architecture be certain to use your tripod with a wide angle lens.

Walking Along the Streets of Causeway Bay

Hong Kong tram at night with motion blur

Finally, if people watching and bustling crowds is more your kind of thing, head to Causeway Bay for all of the night action you can ever want to handle.  The streets are sea of people all frantically moving about to shop, eat or get somewhere else.  It’s absolute chaos.  Consider taking candid shots of people or holding the camera well above your head for shots of the crowd.  Another great subject is the passing trams that whiz around in the evening.

Hong Kong is also an easy departure for onward travels through China. If time allows for it, you may want to consider tours to China which offer a unique look at a different culture. 

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