How to Find a Teaching Job Overseas?

To teach abroad you are required to get certified by completing and passing the (TESOL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages course. There are two choices to enroll into this course, which is on-line or sitting in a class with others.

If you decide to attend the on-line course, they typically will cost you a couple hundred dollars to get certified. This depends on which provider whom you take the class with, required hours spent to achieve the certificate and the degree level that you will obtain. It can run you up to several thousand dollars sitting in a classroom, remember you get what you pay for. Attending the classes are highly recommended because when the college is placing you into a position, they know that its legitimate. When searching for a provider you will want to make sure that they have job placement assistance, practicing of teaching experience, on-site support and a generous departure.

When searching for your destination you will have to take into consideration that salaries will vary by location. Example: An English teacher working in Costa Rica will earn approximately $400.00 to $800.00 per month. If working in Vietnam, you can expect to earn between $1000.00 to $1500.00 per month.

If you are just looking for guaranteed job placement with rapidly growing teaching opportunities, it is recommended to search in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Helpful Tips

-When choosing to take the cheaper on-line classes, you may have a harder time finding a school to teach at.

-There are many job boards doing on-line advertising for English teacher overseas. This could be risky because you don’t know who is at the other end places these ads. Do plenty of research before you decide to accept a position.

-Accredited certification programs should offer job placement assistance for its students. They make sure that the school you will be teaching at is legitimate and most likely have been working with them for several years.

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