How to get a job teaching English overseas

Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel and see the world after college but where to begin? The following are steps you can take to reaching your goal of moving abroad and teaching English.

First, you will need a Bachelor’s degree and to receive a certification. Typically the certification is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). These certifications are available through on-line or in-class courses. Depending on the certification and course you choose, the cost could be several hundred to several thousand. Be sure to choose a program that is through an accredited school, will offer teaching practice, and on-site support. Many schools hiring abroad will want to see that you have completed between 100-120 hours of training.

After receiving your certification you will next want to choose a country to teach in. Teaching salaries vary from country to country. The higher paying positions abroad will be in countries around Asia and the Middle East. The top ten countries in the world that are the best to find work and make a living in are: Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Russia, China, Mexico, South Korea, and Czech Republic.

Once your certifications are complete and you have chosen the country you would like to work in, the next step is finding a position. Many accredited schools that offer the TESOL or TEFL certifications are likely to have job placement options as well. If job placement is not available many will provide support and connections, guiding you to the places that will help to find a position. Leaving your program to find you positions are one way to guarantee the legitimacy of the ESL position.

As soon as the requirements are met and a position is secured, you are on your way to teaching ESL abroad!

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