How to Make ESL Learning Fun for Young Pre-K Students

The best way to learn a language is to interact well with a teacher. In most cases, students rely on their teacher’s ability to use the five senses to teach a second language. No wonder it is very important to have a remarkable student-teacher interaction in language instruction. Consequently, the rules are the same in how to make ESL learning fun for young pre-K students.

Friendly learning environment

The goal of an ESL teacher is to let the students learn the second language in a more engaging and fun way. First, make sure there is a user-friendly learning environment for the pre-K students. Simply put, the students must be free to use the study materials found in the classroom.

Fun teaching materials

Second, prepare the teaching materials ahead of the learning session. Create a place that allows the students to enjoy games, puzzles, quizzes and listening practice. The students must also keep and follow some pronunciation techniques for regular practice.

Show them a video

The third way to provide a fun learning set-up for the students is to have a regular video showing that will enhance their speaking skills of English as a second language. Some teachers let the students watch films in English and ask them the things they learned by using the same language. Obviously, it is a fun way to interact with the students. After all the learning processes, there should be a written and oral examination for them to remember what they have learned and apply it in their daily conversation. If it is allowed in the school, you can give recognition to students who are excellent learners in the teaching program.

In teaching English as a second language or ESL, the key is showing off a fun, effective and efficient way of teaching it. There are no shortcuts in introducing the language, especially for beginners. Therefore, it is necessary to offer a thorough and step-by-step way of educating pre-K students.

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