How To Protect Your Camera Gear While Traveling

Taking a trip around the world is something many dream of.  Whether or not you are travelling half way around the world or a nearby city from your home town, it’s important to have a strategy in place to keep your camera gear protected.  The following four tips are ways in which you can protect your camera gear while having peace of mind:

1)  Buy A Proper Camera Bag

Although I normally recommend the cheapest way of doing something, I do strong suggest when it comes to protecting and carrying your camera that you invest in a proper camera bag or backpack.  These backpacks and bags are designed to project your gear with extra padding along with form fitting and space saving features.  Some of the most popular brands to consider are LowePro and Crumpler.

2)  Clean Your Camera and Lenses Frequently

When traveling your camera is often exposed to the elements.  The potential for it to get dirty, dusty or nicked up in some manner is quite high.  Thus, it’s important to bring a camera cleaning kit and dust blower to make sure you camera is clean and performing at a high level.

3)  Rain Cover

This is a no brainer.  When travelling the potential for rain or other severe weather that can damage your camera is quite high.  Having a rain cover will keep your camera protected from the elements and allow you to have peace of mind.  Moreover, the cover actually doubles as a security feature for your camera and accessories.  The cover prevents thieves from subtly going through the pockets without you even noticing.

4)  Have a Security Lock For It

Finally, the last thing you should consider when travelling with your camera is a way to keep it safely locked up at the hostel, guest house or hotel.  A security lock that you can put around your bag will prevent others from taking off with it when opportunistic moments come about.

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